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Riola Farm was created in 1938 by Ernest Gasiglia. It was a poultry farm for three generations.
In 1976, as a complement to decreasing agricultural revenue, Roger Gambiez came up with the idea of a farm camp site. At the same time, the little farm opened three Gîte de France. Ten years later, due to ever increasing demand for rural tourism in the area, the farm became an “Aire Naturelle”.
In 1990, when the first swimming-pool was  built, there was an increase in the number of customers and other activities were offered.
In 2002, Joël Gambiez manager of the family business, took on his son Claude, who came with fresh intentions and new ideas for improving the activities of the site. Claude Gambiez, the fourth generation and present manager of this family business after Ernest Gasiglia, Roger and Joêl  Gambiez brings new blood to the camp site.
In 2006, the initial poultry farm was finally abandoned. The camp site and gîtes became the main activity. However, the olive production remains an important activity, necessitating the upkeep of 400 olive trees. (pruning, harvesting)
In 2007, the site obtained the label of “quality camping” and “quality tourism”. Every year the camp site improves its activities and becomes more attractive with, for example, the construction of a new more spacious swimming pool and more recently, the renovation of two sanitary blocks.

It’s with great pleasure that we thank you, our faithful customers, and also you who stop by, for the confidence you have in us and the compliments you have made, which encourage us every day to give more and more satisfaction.
Let our story go on…